Test Voltage : 0.01 ~ 1.25 Vrms | Frequencies : 100Hz ~ 10KHz

Large LCD for setting values

Backup battery can recall the parameters which be set before power off

Easy manual driven with cursor guiding operation

Automatic zeroing function

Wide measuring range and high accuracy in 0.1%

Highest measuring speed is 7.5 mS

Automatic parameter and range selection

Extend options available



Model LCR-100/110 LCR-100/110G LCR-1000/1000G
Parameter L. C. R. Z. Q. D. ESR. c
Test Voltage 100mV / 0.25V / 0.30V / 0.50V / 1.00V / 1.25V Selected
Test Frequency 100Hz / 120Hz / 1kHz 100Hz / 120Hz / 1kHz 100Hz / 120Hz / 10kHz
Display LCD display, 4 1/2 digits
Trigger Mode Internal, External
Measurement Range

L: 0.001µH ~ 1999.9H

Z: 0.1m[ ~ 199.99M[

D: 0.0001 ~ 19.999

C: 0.001pF ~ 199.99mF

ESR: 0.1m[ ~ 19.999M[

c: -180X ~ +180X

R: 0.1m[ ~ 19.999M[

Q: 0.01 ~ 1999.9

Accuracy Basic accuracy 0.1%
Measurement Rate Slow: 3meas. / sec. Fast: 7meas. / sec.
Function Auto parameter, Auto range, Zeroing calibration
Battery Backup Measurement status: Parameter, Voltage, Frequency, Circuit (Parallel / Series)
External DC-bias 0 - 35Vdc
Accessories Test clips, Power cord, Operation manual, Certificate calibration
Input Voltage 115/230V 10%, 50/60Hz
Dimensions 360(W) x 110(H) x 350(D)mm
Weight Approx4.8kg



R: RS-232 Interface      G: GP-IB Interface

H: Handler Interface     P: Printer Interface and Printing condition on set-up function


J: Judgment comparator

Reference value & Hi-Lo% Limits setting. Limit of Q. D. R. c value. GO/NG Judgment & indication with alarm.

S: Sorting comparator

Reference value & Hi-Lo% Limits setting by BIN No. or Steps mode. Limits of Q. D. R. c value, 10 Bin for sorting & BIN Sum count.

Memory M: Up to 100sets of memory
Fixture Test Clips (Std. accessory), Test Box, SMD Test Tweezers



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