Withstanding Voltage Tester, TOS5030

Reliable function on practicability and safety equipment enable it to be used easily for inspections of devices and testing of electronic components.

The model TOS5030 is an AC withstanding voltage tester having an AC output of 3kV and 10mA. Despite being an economy model, the TOS5030 is eqiupped with a zero turn-on switch, remote control function for start and stop operations and a FAIL signal output function.

*TOS5030 is for simplified test and does not comply with various safety standards.


Dimensions / Weight (approx)

200(210)W x 132(160)H x 215(280)D mm / 4.8kg (for line voltage of 100V)


High-voltage test lead: TL01-TOS (max allowable voltage: 5kV / 1.5m)

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