MVR310 4ch digital multimeter

Each channel has the completely independent floating structure

4½ figures measurement [equipped 4 A / D converters]
Operation and display with PC or remote box (Optional)
Abable to connect two MVR310 by only one [RS-232C] port from PC
50kHz impedance analyzer [MVR310 and MSG104]
Optimum for equipment included among production line. Abable to construct cheap system

Functions and characteristics

MVR310 is a 4 channels multimeter of floating structure having independent channels. It mounts four 4½ digits A / D converters.
This equipment is capable of measuring DCV (4ch) / ACV (3ch) / R (1ch). Setup and transfer of measured data [RS-232C communication] are performed with using PC, and abable to connect two MVR310 by only one [RS-232C] port from PC. It may also be used as a standalone multimeter with using optional remote box M700. Or, when this equipment is combined with synthesized signal generator MSG104, it can be used for measurement of characteristics of electronic parts as a 100kHz impedance analyzer.
It is optimum for the application requiring independent multi-channel measurement or for building in a production line or in system equipment.

Each channel has the completely independent floating structure
Each one of four channels of this equipment is of independent floating structure. Its insulation voltage is 500V DC at maximum. Therefore, it is possible to measure a signal source having floating ground potential, and it is extremely convenient.

Abable to connect two MVR310 by only one [RS-232C] port
The basic method for use of this equipment is such that it is connected to a computer and range setup and measured data readout are performed on the computer side. However, since this equipment has a built-in RS-232C switching circuit, it is possible to use the unit as a multimeter of 8-channel input if two sets of this equipment are connected by using the RS-232C "TO NEXT" connector located on the rear panel.

50kHz impedance analyzer [MVR310 and MSG104]
Impedance characteristics of electronic parts such as ultrasonic piezoelectric devices can be measured using our synthesized signal generator MSG104 (frequency 10Hz to 100kHz, amplitude 110Vp-p) when used together with this equipment. It is possible to control both of MSG104 and this equipment with only one RS-232C port of PC, using the RS-232C "TO NEXT" connector.

Use in standalone [MVR310 and M700]
This equipment may be used as a standalone 4-channel multimeter when remote box M700 (optional) is used. Both of the set value and measured value are displayed on the liquid crystal display screen of M700.
Display sample :
    3   1 7 3 . 4 6 mV D + A / S L    


Main specifications

[DC voltage measurement]
Input resistance approx. 4.75Mohm
Input damage level 500VDCmax
Range Accuracy Resolution
200mV 0.06% of reading 5 digits 10µV
2V 0.04% of reading 3 digits 100µV
20V 0.07% of reading 5 digits 1mV
200V 0.08% of reading 7 digits 10mV
[AC voltage measurement] CH1 to CH3
Input RC approx. 4.75Mohm || less than 100pF
Input damage level 500V (DC + ACpeak) max
Conversion method True RMS
Crest factor

less than 3 (200mV / 20V @ full-scale)
less than 2 (2V / 200V @ full-scale)

Response time

SLOW : 0.6s max., FAST : 0.1s max.
* Within the same range, within 1% of final value

Range Resolution
200mV 10µV
2V 100µV
20V 1mV
200V 10mV
Frequency Accuracy
40 to 60Hz 1.0% of reading 90dgt
1.0% of reading 99dgt
60 to 100Hz 0.5% of reading 40dgt
0.5% of reading 50dgt
0.1 to 10kHz 0.3% of reading 30dgt
0.4% of reading 40dgt
10 to 50kHz 0.9% of reading 90dgt
0.9% of reading 99dgt
* At sinewave input of more than 10% of the range
* Upper row of accuracy : AC measurement, Lower row of accuracy : [DC + AC] measurement
[Resistance measurement] CH4
Input damage level 500VDCmax
Open circuit voltage more than -6.5V
Measuring method 4 line sense type
Sense input resistance approx. 4.75Mohm
Range Accuracy Resolution Measured current
20ohm 0.15% of rdg 50dgt 1mohm 10mA    
200ohm 0.07% of rdg 8dgt 10mohm 10mA    
2kohm 0.15% of rdg 8dgt 100mohm 100µA    
20kohm 0.5% of rdg 10dgt 1ohm 100µA    
A / D conversion
Measurement display number 4½ digits, 19999 count
Sample rate

6.25 times / s (in 50Hz area)
7.57 times / s (in 60Hz area)
2.50 times / s (in 50 / 60Hz area)

Insulation Each channel floating
Insulated voltage 500VDCmax
Interface RS-232C (4800bps)
Operating temperature 0 to 40XC (Guaranteed at 23 5XC)
Operating humidity less than 40XC / 90%RH (Guaranteed at less than 28XC / 80%RH)
Storage temperature and humidity -10 to 60XC, less than 60XC / 90%RH
Power supply 90 to 110VAC. 50 / 60Hz
Dimensions 320 (W) 56 (H) 350 (D)mm
Warmup more than 30min.
Accessories Power cable (1pc), Fuse (1pc), Instruction manual (1pc)
Optional RS-232C cable, Measure lead (red. black), Remote box M700

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