6303A Analog DC Power Supply


Topward Power Supply 6303A

6000 Analog Display Models
6302A 0-30V/0-2A x 2; 5V/5A Triple
6303A 0-30V/0-3A x 2; 5V/5A Triple
6306A 0-30V/0-6A x 2; 5V/5A Triple
6603A 0-60V/0-3A x 2; 5V/5A Triple
Specification for Topward 6000 Analog DC Power Supply
Output Voltage Zero to rated voltage continuously variable with front panel voltage knob
Output Current Zero to rated current continuously variable with front panel current knob
Line Regulation CV.01%+2mV; CC?.01%+2mA
Load Regulation CV.01%+2mV; CC<10mA @ 100W;<15mA @ above 100W
Ripple & Noise CV<0.5mVrms @ 100W; <1mVrms @ above 100W
CC<1mArms @ 100W; <3mArms @ above 100W
Transient Response <100 to within 0.1% of set voltage (50% to 100% load change)
Output Impedance <2milli-Ohm +2mH
Operating Range 0 to 40?C ambient temperature
Display Accuracy 3% of full scale
Overload Protection Automatic crossover from CV to CC mode
Series Connection Different models can be chained to increase output up to 240 Vdc
Parallel Connection Another same model can be paralleled to increase output to 24 Amps
5V/5A Fixed Supply Regulation <= 10mV; Ripple & Noise <= 2mVrms; Output: 5V?0.25 V
Tracking Accuracy 0.2%+10mV
Operation Mode Switch  




Two fully independent variable supplies at rated voltage and current and a fixed 5V/5A supply
One variable supply with 2X rated voltage output at rated current.  Or, One dual polarity tracking supply with rated output and current. Plus A 5V/5A supply
One variable supply with rated voltage at 2X rated current and a fixed 5V/5A supply
Power Requirement 100/120/220/240?0% Vac; 50/60Hz single phase
Accessories Supplied Power cord; hook-up leads; instruction manual



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