Special offer of instruments stock :
ABM PR8323 32V/3A Programmable DC Power Supply
Aeroflex 2399B/0 9KHz-3GHz Spectrum Analyzer W/GPIB
3416 250KHz to 6GHz Digital RF Signal Generator
Agilent 34903A 20-CH Actuator/GP Switch Module
53131A/AB2/030 225KHz Universal Counter W/3GHz RF Input channel
82350B High Performance PCI GPIB interface
DS06054A 4-Channel , 500MHz Oscilloscope ( Chinese)
Goodwill GFG-813 13MHz Digital display sweep function generator
Iwatsu SC-7207 3GHz Frequency Counter
SS-0110 Probe for SS-7802A 7804 DS-8706
SS-0130R 10:1 probe ( for SS-7810A 78 11 DS-8617 DS-8812 )
JungJin MM-2500 Communication Tester
JSR JinSung AL-1500 Automatic distortion meter
AT-2500 Automatic telephone analyzer
SG-8550 1.1 GHz signal generator
LeCroy WaveJet 312A 100MHz 1GS/S 2CH DSO
WaveJet 324 200MHz 4CH DSO
WaveJet 334 350MHz 4CH DSO
WaveJet 354 500MHz 4CH DSO
Probe LF-101E 60MHz Probe
LF-210E 100MHz Probe
LF-250E 250MHz Probe
Topward 1320 3 1/2 Digital multimeter
TWF-733 WOW & Flutter meter
UNI-T UT-19A Multimeter
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