2553 Three-Phase Power Analyzer

2553 Power Analyzers feature the ideal combination of precision, speed and ease-of-use in an instrument so economical it can be on every bench.

The 2503AH Analyzers measure power, voltage, and current up to 500 kHz with premier precision. Available parameters include V, A, W, Power Factor, Crest Factor, K Factor, THD, Harmonics, Phase, VA, VAR, W.Hr, Triplens, Impedance, Inrush, Mean-Peak Values, Efficiency- Loss, etc.

Vitrek power analysis instruments have set the standard for production testing. Independent channel control and unparalleled flexibility and speed have made the 2503AH-3CH the instrument of choice in 3-phase power analysis. The 2503AH-1CH/2CH offers cost effective solutions for single or two-phase application such as power supply and appliance testing.


Product Features and Benefits

Low Cost/High Performance

Measures and displays power, frequency, harmonics, THD, CF, K-Factor, Triplens & Inrush

Up to 1500 volts peak, 40 amps peak internally & up to 10,000 amps with the use of External CTs

DC and 20mHz – 80kHz Frequency Range

Graphics Display shows numerical results, waveforms, bar graphs & history plots

16-bit A-D takes up to 220k samples/second

Simple 6-key user interface

PCL/Text Printer output, IEEE488 interface included

1Ø2W, 1Ø3W, 3Ø3W and 3Ø4W configurable using the same wiring