33250A Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator, 80 MHz

HP / Agilent 33250A Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator 80 MHz sine and square wave outputs

Sine, square, ramp, noise and other waveforms

50 MHz pulse waveforms with variable rise/fall times

12-bit, 200 MSa/s, 64K-point deep arbitrary waveform


The Agilent 33250A function / arbitrary waveform generator delivers nearly double the performance of any other generator in its price class. You get standard waveforms along with the flexibility to create your own using direct digital synthesis for a stable, accurate output. In addition, AM, FM and FSK capabilities make it easy to modulate waveforms with or without a separate source.


Standard Waveforms

The Agilent Technologies 33250A Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator uses direct digital-synthesis techniques
to create a stable, accurate output on all waveforms, down to 1 µHz frequency resolution. The benefits are apparent
in every signal you produce, from the sine wave frequency accuracy to the fast rise/fall times of square waves, to
the ramp linearity.


Front-panel operation of the 33250A is straightforward and user friendly. The knob or numeric keypad can be used
to adjust frequency, amplitude and offset. You can even enter voltage values directly in Vpp, Vrms, dBm, or
high/low levels. Timing parameters can be entered in hertz (Hz) or seconds.

Custom Waveform Generation

Why settle for a basic function generator when you can get arbitrary waveforms at no extra cost? With the 33250A,
you can generate arbitrary waveforms with 12-bit vertical resolution, 64K memory depth, and a sample rate of
200 MSa/s. You can also store up to four 64K-deep arbitrary waveforms in non-volatile memory with user-defined

names to help you find the right waveform when you need it most.


The included Agilent IntuiLink software allows you to easily create, edit, and download complex waveforms using
the intuiLink Arbitrary Waveform Editor. Or you can capture a waveform using IntuiLink oscilloscope or DMM
and send it to the 33250A for output. For programmers, ActiveX components can be used to control the instrument
using SCPI commands. IntuiLink provides the tools to easily create, download, and manage waveforms for your
33250A. To find out more about IntuiLink, visit www.agilent.com/find/intuilink.

Pulse Generation

The 33250A can generate simple pulses up to 50 MHz. With variable edge time, pulse width and voltage level, the
33250A is ideally suited to a wide variety of pulse applications.

Built-in Versatility

AM, FM and FSK capabilities make it easy to modulate waveforms with or without a separate source. Linear or
logarithmic sweeps can be performed with a programmable frequency marker signal. Programmable burst count and

gating allow you to further customize your signal.


For system applications, both GPIB and RS-232 interfaces are standard, and support full programmability using
SCPI commands.

Color Graphical Display

The unique design of the 33250A combines a low-profile instrument with the benefits of a color graphical display.
Now you can display multiple waveform parameters at the same time. The graphical interface also allows you to
modify arbitrary waveforms quickly and easily.

Timebase Stability and Clock Reference

The 33250A TCXO timebase gives you frequency accuracy of 1 ppm for your most demanding applications. The
external clock reference input/output lets you synchronize to an external 10 MHz clock, to another 33250A, or to an
Agilent 33120A. Phase adjustments can be made from the front panel or via a computer interface, allowing precise
phase calibration and adjustment.

3-year Warranty

The 33250A ships standard with operating and service manuals, a quick reference guide, test data, and a full
three-year warranty - one of the best coverage plans in the industry.

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