Centellax PCB12500 - 12.5Gb/s Parallel Channel BERT



PCB12500 - 12.5Gb/s Parallel Channel BERT

Key benefits and features
  • BER or eye-mask testing of multi-lane high-speed data channels
  • Testing backplane performance in the presence of multiple aggressors
  • Parallel stimulus/response testing for higher manufacturing throughput
  • Multi-aggressor crosstalk analysis and verification
  • Multi-channel BER testing

Product description

PCB12500 is a 1.5-12.5Gb/s Parallel Channel BERT with the capability to add a 0.5-13.5GHz clock synthesizer (model TG1C1-A) and up to five remote heads on 3-foot (1-metre) cables. Interchangeable heads include a PRBS generator and a PRBS error detector, additional heads will be released for generating, receiving, or conditioning bitstreams used for signal integrity testing.

The PCB12500 controller requires an external full-rate clock to drive the primary head. This same clock can also drive the other four heads or a second external clock can be used. The TG1C1-A reference and jittered clock output can be used to apply clean or jittered clocks to the remote heads. The controller has highly-accurate multi-UI phase shift control for five heads; this allows heads to generate synchronized (or intentionally un-synchronized) outputs or make measurements with accurate clock/data alignment.

All features can be controlled through the PCB12500 control panel, TG1C1-A control panel, or remotely through a GPIB or USB interface. Labview drivers are available at no cost



Modular components

Model Number Function
PCB12500 1.5-12.5Gb/s Parallel Channel BERT
TG1C1-A 1.5-13.5GHz Clock Synthesizer
TG5P1A 1.5-12.5Gb/s Pattern Generator Remote Tx Head
TR2P1A 1.5-12.5Gb/s Error Detector Remote Rx Head


Model Number Option Details

1.5-12.5Gb/s Parallel Channel BERT (w/1-year warranty)

OPTRCK PCB12500 Rack Mount Kit (Note: for single unit only)
OPTRCKD PCB12500 Double Rack Mount Kit
OPT101 European Power Cord
OPT102 UK Power Cord
OPT103 Domestic Power Cord
OPT300 PCB12500 1 Year Warranty Extended to 3 Years
OPT301 PCB12500 1 Year Warranty Extended to 5 Years
OPT320 PCB12500 Centellax Calibration - Per Incident
OPT321 PCB12500 Annual Centellax Calibration for 3 Years
OPT322 PCB12500 Annual Centellax Calibration for 5 Years

Product documentation

Datasheet PCB12500: Datasheet  
Manual PCB12500: Manual  
Guide PCB12500:¬†Quick Start Guide  
Guide TG5P1A: Quick Start Guide  
Guide TR2P1A: Quick Start Guide