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HK Main office : Miko-Kings

New Product : Iwatsu DM-8000 Isolation Measurement system Iwatsu CS-3000 IGBT Curve Tracer

Contact Information
Miko-Kings Instruments Ltd
Person : Wilson Wong, Felix Wong
Tel : 0852-27640603
Fax : 0852-27640079
Email : general@miko.hk
Main Product
Instrument technical

Centellax PCB12500 12.5Gb/s parallel Channel BERT

Xitron 2801 and 2802 are ideal analyzers for standby power or Energy Star testing.

Graphtec GL820 GL800 midi Data Logger

0xxx Series

7xxx Series

F Series

P Series

1xxx Series

8xxx Series

G Series

R Series

2xxx Series

9xxx Series

H Series

S Series

3xxx Series

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Power Analyzers  

A new generation in high performance power analysis: Precision Power Analysis for today’s applications

PPA2500 , PPA2600

Frequency Response Analyzers  
Comprehensive measurement capability from our class leading phase sensitive multimeters  
PSM1700 , PSM1735 , PSM2200 , PSM2201

Impedance Analyzers  
PSM1700 and PSM1735 Precision interfaces for PSM series impedance measurement & LCR test  
TA107 Transimpedance Amplifier, IAI Impedance Analyzer, LCR Meter

Selective Level Meters  
Accurately measure signal levels: Automatic and simultaneous detection of two independent signal frequencies to simplify the test of Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) systems  
SLM1700, SLM2200, SLM3505

Laboratory Power Amplifiers  
LPA Series: Wide bandwidth precision voltage and current amplifiers which are unconditionally stable to any load  
LPA400, LPA01, LPA05

Accessories & Software  
Connectivity: Probes, connectors and adaptors. PC software for instrument configuration and data analysis (Includes: Phase Control Inrush switch and all small accessories)  
All accessories & software, Phase controlled inrush switch, Injection Transformer, Software, Current shunts