Centellax TE1B - Bias Boards for Amplifier Modules



TE1B - Bias Boards for Amplifier Modules


Product description

The TE1B PCB is a bias board accessory that allows for fine-tuning the drain and gate bias supply to single, two-stage, or three-stage amplifier modules. The bias board has low-voltage and brownout protection, allows for milli-volt control over the bias potentials, and also has built-in pads for measuring voltages and currents.

Note: TE1BD is the bias board for Centellax dual drivers and modules, providing easy control over four pairs of gate and drain




Model Number Option Details
TE1B Bias Board for Amplifier Modules
TE1BD Bias Board for Dual Amplifier Modules

Product documentation

Datasheet TE1B: datasheet  
Datasheet TE1BD: datasheet