Graphtec GL800 midi Logger


Graphtec GL800 Series


Multi-channel measurement , anytime , anywhere
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Various enhanced features realize multi-channel measurement anytime, anywhere
Expandable from the standard 20-channel configuration to a maximum of 200 channels All channels feature insulated and multi-function inputs

The GL800 is a compact data logger, with an A5 footprint, providing excellent portability. All channels are isolated channel-to-channel and channel-to-ground. It has the ability to perform simultaneous measurement of voltage , temperature and humidity. It also supports such inputs as pulse (e.g. power, rpm and flow) and logic, in addition to voltage and temperature.

Record directly to USB memory

The new LOGGER is compatible with high-capacity USB memory devices and also features 12 MB ofinternal flash memory.


Large TFT display

The 5.7-inch TFT display is bright and easy to read, with a choice of three screens to suit the measurement application. The settings screen shows the input signal waveform in order to illustrate the impact of each modification in real time.

The LOGGER operates on both AC and DC, as well as on battery power supplied via twin on-board batteries designed to allow nine hours of continuous operation.

(Actual time may vary depending on settings and operating conditions.)


The LOGGER has been designed to provide maximum protection for important measurement data, by switching automatically to battery back-up in the event of an interruption to the AC power supply, and stopping measurement and closing all files when the battery power is low.

Terminal units are standardized to 20 channels per unit (expandable to a maximum of 200 channels), with insulated and multi-function inputs on all channels. In addition, further expansion to up to 500 channels is possible by connecting multiple LOGGER units to a computer via USB/LAN connections.

Sample analog 10 channel measurement

Recording interval (sampling speed) I100ms 200ms 500ms 1s 10s
12 MB internal flash memory Approx. 13 hours Approx. One day + 3 hours Approx. Two days + 21 hours Approx. Five days Approx. 58 days
256 MB USB memory Approx. 12 days Approx. 25 days Approx. 62 days Approx. 125 days Approx. 1,256 days
*USB memory must be standard type without fingerprint recognition or other features

Channel expansion guide

  20 ch 40 ch 100 ch 200 ch
GL800 One One One One
Expansion terminal base kit (B-537) - One One One
20-channel expansion terminal set (B-538) - One Four Nine

Transfer data easily via USB or Ethernet; use Ethernet web server and FTP features for remote monitoring

LOGGER is equipped with a user-friendly USB interface for simple connection to an external computer and Ethernet for remote monitoring.

Fast and easy connection to external computer

USB 2.0 makes it easy to connect to a computer for real-time transfer of sampling data at up to 100 ms, while LAN connectivity supports remote monitoring applications and USB memory supports offline data transfer.

Safe and simple


Key lock and password authentication

The key lock feature has been supplemented with password authentication to prevent operational errors, particularly in applications where the system may be unattended for extended periods.

Hold down the left and right arrow keys and the ENTER key together to bring up the password screen, which can be used to set the four-digit password.

Suitable for automobile parts vibration testing LOGGER has been designed for use in vibration tests, realizing an anti-vibration level satisfying ISO 2041 and IEC Pub 68-2-6, the standards for on-board instrumentation and car navigation devices.