IGBT Curve Tracer -- IWATSU CS-3000


CS-3000 is the newest instrument which can support up to the maximum peak voltage of 3000V and the maximum peak current of 1000A. It can be used not only for characteristics measurement of high-voltage or high-current power devices such as the latest IGBT and power MOSFET but also for characteristics measurement of various semiconductor devices such as transistors, diode, and LEDs. The measurement results can be saved in the memory or sent to the PC through the USB port and LAN interface which are attached as standard. Main features are as follows: ∗ CS-3000 series ries include 3 models: CS-3100, CS-3200, and CS-3300.

■Peak voltage

All models of CS-3000 series have the maximum peak voltage of 3000 V for collector supply.

■ High current mode installed

Models of CS-3200/CS-3300 install the high current mode (HC mode) - CS-3200: Up to maximum collector current of 400 A - CS-3300: Up to maximum collector current of 1000 A

■ All models have 4 collector supply modes.

They have 4 collector supply modes: AC, full-wave rectified, DC, and leakage current as standard. Both CS-3200 and CS-3300 can supply the maximum of 40 V pulse in the high current mode (HC mode).

■ Handling a measured device

A measured device is set in either of two methods below: - Connect the terminals of a measured device to the specified terminals in the test adapter, and set the test adapter in the test fixture. - Connect the terminals of a measured device directly to the specified terminals of the test fixture through the dedicated test wires (only when the text fixture CS-302 is used). The test fixture with the measured device mounted is connected to CS-3000 through the cable and the test box.

■ Remote control

function CS-3000 supports LAN interface (10 Base-T/100 Base-TX Ethernet). External connection uses LAN terminal on the rear panel. For details; e.g., usage and commands, see Remote Control Manual recorded in the attached CD.