Radiation Dosimeter SV-2000            


You can see the annual conversion value of radiation dose at a glance




Radiation dose monitor SV-2000 is a portable measuring instrument that accurately and easily measures the radiation dose of gamma (γ) rays among the radiation doses.


The dose level can be judged at a glance by comparing the annual conversion value of the dose rate with the bar graph display and graphical color bar.

* Uses the patented invention (Patent No. 4448944) of "Japan Atomic Energy Agency"


        Developed in-house following the patented invention and technology transfer of the Japan Atomic Energy Agency. It is produced at our own factory in Fukushima prefecture.


It was developed using the radiation standard facility of the Japan Atomic Energy Agency.


We have developed a high-sensitivity type SV-2000 equipped with a scintillator.


SV-2000: With a measurement time of 1 minute, stable measurement is possible even at low dose values.


It can be used for about 300 hours with two AA alkaline batteries.

* Cumulative dose is backed up even if the battery runs out.

 Accumulation can be continued even after battery replacement.

符合 JEMIMA 指南

The SV series complies with the guidelines on how to check for radioactive contamination of industrial products, so you can use it with confidence.

(JEMIMA: Japan Electrical Measuring Instruments Industry Association)









The display mode can be switched between 3 types with the "MODE key".



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