Semi-Flexible Cable Assemblies


Semi-Flexible Cable Assemblies
This series is a family of semi-flexible cable assemblies with excellent microwave characteristics and can be easily bent.
They can be widely used for internal connections in microwave equipment.
Model STS 219 STS 219F STS 358 STS 358F
Impedance 50[
Frequency range DC to 8.0GHz
withstanding voltage
500V AC r.m.s for 1 minute
Insulation resistance 500M[ min. at 500V DC
V.S.W.R 1.2max. up to 4.0GHz 1.3max. up to 8.0GHz
Insertion loss 3.0dB/m max. at 8.0GHz 2.0dB/m max. at 8.0GHz
Operating temperature -20XC to +80XC
Standard connector SMA-P
Standard overall length 50cm, 100cm, 150cm
Minimum cable
bend strength
30 times min.
at 30mm radius
30 times min.
at 40mm radius
30 times min.
at 60mm radius
30 times min.
at 70mm radius

Coding SMA(P) - 50 - STS 219
  |_____ Designates cable for use
  |_____ Designates overall finished length
  |_____ Designates that the connectors of each end are SMA type plug