Semi-Rigid Cable Assemblies


Semi-Rigid Cable Assemblies
Semi-Rigid Cable Assemblies
This series is a family of semi-rigid cable assemblies characterized by high isolation and low V.S.W.R.. They are suitable for internal connections of microwave equipment as users can designate connector selection and overall length.
Common specifications
  Dielectric withstanding voltage   500V AC for one minute
  Insulation resistance   500M[ min. at 500V DC
  Impedance   50[

Applicable combination of connectors and cables
Model Connector Type Cables for Use
    SMA 135     SMA 202     SMA-P RG-405/U
    SMA 082     SMA 222     SMA-J
    SMA 088     SMA 232     SMA-PJ
    SMA 098     SMA 242     SMA-BJ
    SMA 174     SMA 201     SMA-P RG-402/U
    SMA 083     SMA 221     SMA-J
    SMA 089     SMA 231     SMA-PJ
    SMA 099     SMA 241     SMA-BJ

(Note) The products marked with are passivated and the others are gold plated.

Characteristics of assemblies (Typical example)
Type of Assembly Frequency Range
Insertion Loss
SMA135-100-RG405 DC to 12.4 2.5 1.25
SMA174-100-RG402 DC to 18.0 2.0

Coding SMA174 - 30 - RG402
  |_____ Designates cable for use
  |_____ Designates overall finished length
  |_____ Designates the connectors of each end