Newtons4th N4L PSM1700 Frequency Response Analyzer


PSM1700: Frequency Response Analyzer

PsimetriQ: 10£gHz - 1MHz Phase Sensitive Multimeter

PSM1700 PsimetriQ is a comprehensive DFT and true RMS analysis instrument for R&D and production test applications. It has a clear, bright graphics display showing real time values or graphs or tables. It can be operated completely by remote control over RS232 or LAN as an option.

It is designed to give optimum performance, speed of measurement and convenience, providing sophisticated measurement capability in a cost effective and easy to use bench top instrument.

PSM1700 Phase Sensitive Multimeter

Versatility without compromise

In a world where engineers from many different application areas require ever increasing speed, flexibility and measurement accuracy, N4L introduce a new generation of versatile measurement instruments that offer leading performance in every mode without the compromise on accuraccy of the additional cost that is commonly associated with such flexible instruments.

PSM1700 testing an SMPS with a standard injection transformer

Proven technology

Utilising the latest DSP and FPGA technology to optimise the use of innovative analogue hardware, many measurements functions can be derived with great precision from the basic elements of true rms voltage on two measurement channels plus the phase angle between them. It is from this fundamental relationship between independent voltages and their relative phase angle that the phrase 'Phase Sensitive Multimeter' was derived and this is also the key to the unique combination of performance, versatility and value provided by the PSM range.

Whether you will make use of just one or all six of the primary measurement modes included in the PSM1700 and PSM1735, you can be sure of exceptional accuracy, speed and ease of use that only the latest design technology can provide.

PC Control, data capture & file management software

Features Downloads
- Frequency Response Analyzer - Vector Voltmeter
- LCR Meter - RMS Voltmeter
- Power Meter - Harmonic Analyzer

Brochure & Technical Specifications

PDF, 784Kb

Introduction to PSM1700 and PSM1735 Datalog Mode PDF, 1.2Mb

PSM1700 PsimetriQ is designed & manufactured in the UK by Newtons4th Ltd.  
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Ordering information
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  • PSM1700-USR (without LAN interface)
  • PSM1700-USR-L (with LAN interface)

This product is designed, manufactured & supported in the UK. All measurements are traceable to UKAS, certificates of conformance and calibration are supplied as standard. Our products are CE marked.