Newtons4th N4L PSM2200 Frequency Response Analyzer


PSM2200: Frequency Response Analyzer

NumetriQ: 10£gHz ¡V 2.4MHz Phase Sensitive Multimeter

With synthesized signal generator, two isolated measurement channels, DFT and true rms analysis over a 100uHz to 2.4MHz frequency range, QuanteQ provides the ideal alternative to many separate test instruments.

PSM 2200 Rack-Mount version

In either 19" rack or space-saving tower versions and with its wide range of accessories, PSM2200 QuanteQ provides the solution to many demanding measurement applications.

PSM 2200 Tower

- Isolated inputs - dc, 10£gHz to 2.4MHz
- RS232, printer port and optional GPIB - Graphic electroluminescent display
- 10mV to 500V (cat II) ranges - Automatic frequency sweep
- Alarm on any measurement - 100 non-volatile program stores
Functions Downloads
- 2 channel wideband true RMS Voltmeter with direct input up to 500Vpk - Signal Generator
- Vector Voltmeter - Frequency Response Analyzer
- Selective Level Meter - Pulse Generator
- LCR Analyzer - Phase Meter
- Harmonic Analyzer - Transformer Analyzer
- al Frequency Generator - 2 channel low frequency DSO
- Power Meter - White Noise Generator
  - Phase Sensitive Detector

Brochure & Technical Specifications

PDF, 185Kb

Example Applications Compatible accessories...
- Transformer testing: All conventional transformer functions plus telecom transformer tests. Frequency sweep available on all functions. - Gain and Phase testing
e.g. PSU Closed Loop Feedback Mechanical vibration and resonance Instrumentation Frequency Response
- Testing Syncros, Resolvers, Rotary and Linear Variable Differential Transformers (LVDTs) - Testing high voltage capacitors or piezo electric transducers up to 100kHz at 800V pk-pk
- LCR testing of passive components - Electronic Filter design and test
- Electrochemistry Impedance Testing - Audio Sensor, Speaker, Amplifier Testing
- Power analysis - Testing electroluminescent lamps
- coming soon -

This product is designed, manufactured & supported in the UK. All measurements are traceable to UKAS, certificates of conformance and calibration are supplied as standard. Our products are CE marked.