Newtons4th N4L SFRA45¡VSweep Frequency Response Analyzer


SFRA45 ¡V Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer

The SFRA45 is a Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer with a bandwidth of 5Hz to 45MHz, the SFRA45 offers a fully portable solution for the field of SFRA (Sweep Frequency Response Analysis) which fully complies with IEC60076-18 ¡V Power Transformers Part 18 Measurement of frequency response.

Featuring an inbuilt colour LCD screen as well as being battery powered, the tablet style instrument can be used with or without PC Software. The dedicated software available (SFRAComm) enables the user to create databases in which historical transformer sweeps can be recalled and compared to current sweeps for analysis. This offers the ability to perform the most common sweep frequency response analysis technique ¡§Fingerprint Comparison¡¨ as well as all other comparison techniques.

The Complete Package ¡V The SFRA45 package includes all accessories for connection to the transformer

Demystifying SFRA

The Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer simply injects a range of frequencies into a winding of a power transformer, when the power transformer is built correctly with no imperfections and faults the frequency response (of Gain Vs Frequency) plot of that particular type of transformer and winding on that particular transformer should exhibit a particular shape, this ¡§shape¡¨ then becomes the transformers ¡§fingerprint¡¨.

Over the course of the transformers lifetime this ¡§fingerprint¡¨ can be used in order to detect degradation of the transformer.

Quarter view of the Newtons4th SFRA45 Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer

Proven technology

Utilising the latest DSP and FPGA technology to optimise the use of innovative analogue hardware, many measurements functions can be derived with great precision from the basic elements of true rms voltage on two measurement channels plus the phase angle between them. It is from this fundamental relationship between independent voltages and their relative phase angle that the phrase 'Phase Sensitive Multimeter' was derived and this is also the key to the unique combination of performance, versatility and value provided by the PSM range.

Whether you will make use of just one or all six of the primary measurement modes included in the PSM1700 and PSM1735, you can be sure of exceptional accuracy, speed and ease of use that only the latest design technology can provide.

When is SFRA performed?

There are three main occasions when SFRA is performed

1. Upon factory quality checking
2. Before a short circuit test
3. Before and After transportation

Newtons4th SFRA45 Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer

Features Downloads
- 0.02dB Basic accuracy - Frequency range 5Hz to 45MHz
- Full Colour VGA Display - RS232, LAN and USB
- PC Software package included - 2Hr Battery Life
- Leading Phase Accuracy - Truly Portable Measurements
- LCR Mode - Save Data to external USB
- 50Ohm or High Impedance Input - Scope Function
- Save Data to Database for comparison - Supplied with all accessories and carry case

Brochure & Technical Specifications

PDF, 1252Kb

Introduction to PSM1700 and PSM1735 Datalog Mode PDF, 1.2Mb

PSM1700 PsimetriQ is designed & manufactured in the UK by Newtons4th Ltd.  
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Ordering information
  • PSM1700-USR (without LAN interface)
  • PSM1700-USR-L (with LAN interface)

This product is designed, manufactured & supported in the UK. All measurements are traceable to UKAS, certificates of conformance and calibration are supplied as standard. Our products are CE marked.