DAB/DMB Tester - TC-2300A , TC-2300B   Shield box - TC-5915A   RFID Tester - TC-2600A
Tescom DAB/DMB Tester Tescom Shield box Tescom RFID Tester
TC-2300A DAB/DMB Tester supports the Eureka-147 (ESTI EN 301 500) system, freely changes every parameter related to protocols in a GUI operating system and simultaneously generates almost unlimited parttern singlas.   TESCOM TC -5915A Shield Box provides RF isolation and signal connections nesessary for mobile testing. With the RF coupling accessory and filtered control ports, TC -5915A makes an ideal solution for testing mobiles and small RF devices on the test benches fo R&D, service, and QC and manufacturing.   The TC-2600A RFID tester is an integrated device that combines all the RFID Reader and Tag performance evaluation functions in the 860~960MHz UHF frequency range. It provides an optimal test environment for the production, development and servicing of RFID products with versatile and easy functions, as well as a wide range of applications.