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Centellax 12.5Gb/s Parallel Channel BERT Centellax 10G BERT Test System Centellax 10G BERT
PCB12500 is a 1.5-12.5Gb/s Parallel Channel BERT with the capability to add a 0.5-13.5GHz clock synthesizer (model TG1C1-A) and up to five remote heads on 3-foot (1-metre) cables.   Centellax Modular 10G BER Test System is designed for device characterization, research and development testing, production testing, and general lab use.   Centellax TG1B1-A 10G BERT is a cost-effective 0.5 to 12.5Gbps Pseudo-Random Bit Sequence generator and Bit Error Rate Tester designed for automated production-line testing, manufacturing and R&D lab use.