WR Spectrum Analyzer Comparison List
model Frequency and Description
3280 3Hz-26.5GHz WR
3281 3Hz-3GHz WR
3282 3Hz-13.2GHz WR
3283 3Hz-26.5GHz WR
2399 9KHz-3GHz WR
2394 9KHz-13GHz WR
2395 9KHz-26.5GHz WR
2390A Seriers Spectrum 26.5GHz ( Measurements to 300 GHz with external mixers )
2397 9KHz-3GHz WR
2398 9KHz-2.7GHz WR
2399 9KHz-2.9GHz WR
NS30A / NS-30A 3GHz WR
NS132A / NS-132A 13.2GHz WR
NS265A / NS-265A 26.5GHz WR
Nex1Future Suceed to the Reputation of LG WR
LSA-30 3Hz to 3GHz WR
LSA-265 3Hz to 26.5GHz WR
LSA-132 3Hz to 13.2GHz WR
SA920 / SA-920 9KHz-3GHz WR
MSA338 / MSA-338 50KHz-3.3GHz Portable
MSA338TG/ MSA-338TG Spectrum With TG,Measurement by Tracking Generator
5MHz-3GHz -10dBm
MSA338E / MSA-338E Spectrum for EMI
MSA358 / MSA-358 50KHz-8.5GHz
MR2300 EMI Precompliance Test System / EMI Pre-compliance Test System
  EMS Precompliance Test System / EMS Pre-compliance Test System
  EMC Precompliance Test System / EMC Pre-compliance Test System
  (Electro-Magnetic Interference) of the emission measurement and the EMS test
  (Electro-Magnetic Susceptibility) of the immunity measurement is the EMC test
  (Electro-Magnetic Compatibility).
GSP-810 WR - 150KHz-1GHz
GSP-810TG WR - with Tracking Generator
GSP-810PM WR - with Power Meter
GSP-810TGPM WR - with Tracking Generator & Power Meter
GSP-827 WR - 150KHz-2.7GHz
HM5005 / HM5006 500MHz WR
HM5510 1GHz WR
HM5011 1GHz WR with TG
HM5514 1GHz with TG
HM5530 3GHz Pre-compliance EMI measurements
R3131A 9KHz-3GHz WR
R3132 9KHz-3GHz WR
R3162 9KHz-8GHz WR

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