midi Data LOGGER - GL900-08 , GL820 , GL800 , GL220   Mountcorder - MT100   Hard Disk Logger - GL1100
Graphtec midi LOGGER Graphtec Mountcorder Graphtec Hard Disk Logger
Multifunction input on eight isolated channels, High-speed simultaneous sampling   Long term large size data can be stored directly into the USB memory   Data Loggers with Integral Hard Disks for Acquisition of Vast Data Volumes
Thermal array corders - WR300   Lineacorders - WR3320A   Laser Vibrometer - AT500
Graphtec Thermal array corders   Graphtec Lineacorders   Graphtec Laser Vibrometer
4, 8, and 16-channel Thermal Arraycorders   Continuous Recording up to 200Meters, Multiple Remote Control Functions   Hightly accurate vibration measurement for soft or light objects